* The app recognises 5 species:
The common chiffchaff, the great reed warbler, the yellowhammer,
the great tit and the Eurasian blackcap.

About the project

The project, created by a group of women from the local Polish chapter of Women in Machine Learning & Data Science (WiMLDS), was designed to be a training project & collaboration on a real-life problem which machine learning can help to solve.

The web application has been developed by Magdalena Kortas (backend - Deep Learning, Python and Flask) Aleksandra Zachariasz (frontend - Flask, CSS, JS, HTML5 and graphic design).

Are you curious about how the AI solution has been built? Check our Medium article.

Contact us

Magdalena Kortas

Data Scientist, WiMLDS Trójmiasto (Poland) co-founder, AI for Good & Data storytelling enthusiast

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Aleksandra Zachariasz

Graphic Designer, Frontend Developer, coder, Illustrator, beautiful views catcher

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Our mission is to support and promote women and gender minorities in Data Science

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